Kennel samoyeds «Radost Zhizni»

Dear Guests,

We are welcome you to our website dedicated to  samoyed breed!

My name is Oksana Dombrovskaya, I am  owner of  kennel «Radost Zhizni».

  Before we tell you more about us, we would like to begin with, and who is  samoyed?

Питомник самоедов

Samoyed is the breed of northern sled dogs.

Medium sized, elegant, white arctic spitz. In appearance feel the power, endurance, charm, gentleness, dignity and self-confidence. Expression of the so-called «Samoyed smile» creates a combination of the eyes shape, their location and a little bent upwards corners of the mouth.

Samoyed, is not only a beautiful dog, but also a great companion. This dog is loyal to his owner.
On our site you will find all the necessary information on the cultivation of the Samoyed puppy, care and maintenance of the breed, as well as other useful information!

Щенки самоеда

Our kennel is officially registered in the Russian Federation Cynologique at № 8493, August 13, 2007

Our kennel is very and we haven`t a lot of litters. Quality and health of the future puppies-are our priorities and purpose!

My first samoyed Potap-Belyi Volk Povelitel Vseya Rusi. He has many titles and stellar offspring

which exhibited not only in Russia but also abroad.

Today Potap big family. This Rosco (Smiling Snowball Moon Walk), Varya (Belyi Volk Happy History), Dey (Belyi Volk Kupava), Nika(Radost Zhizni Dolce Vita) and our little beauty Mia (Smiling Snowball Im Your Jewel).

On the pages of our web-site you can see detailed information about them.

All our dogs — are members of our family, which we love!

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